1) Admission criteria

When submitting the file, companies are requested to present:

  • Completed admission request
  • Extract from the National Business Register (RNE)
  • Copy of the Tax Identification Card Patent, obligation to bear the tax number on the invoice

Technical Commission examines the exhibitor's file in all of its sections. Its mission will be to accept, refuse or else require modifications and / or improvements depending on the concept of the show and compliance with all the conditions of admission.

2)Stand rental contract

Once admission has been accepted, the exhibitor must sign the Stand Rental Agreement and pay 30% of the total participation fee.

Participation will only become final after signature of the contract, which must also be stamped with the exhibiting company's stamp and signed by the first person in charge of the company (Manager, CEO or CEO)

3) Architectural plan of the bare stand

After agreement of the commission and before final allocation, the exhibitor is invited to provide the following documents:

  • A 2D layout plan with dimensioning and a 3D perspective
  • The material certification table and their reaction to fire
  • Separation details inside the stand
  • A detailed plan of the lighting and the false ceiling if applicable, An assembly schedule

These documents must be provided on paper and on computer support (flash disc)

NB: The finished height is 4m


Exhibitors planning a stand with a mezzanine should consult the Participations Specifications (Page 7).

Mezzanines are only authorized on the peripheral side of the hall and must meet safety standards.

A certificate of compliance with safety standards must be presented to the organizer attesting to the stability of the structures. This certificate must be issued by an approved inspection body.

4) General principles of exposure

The admitted exhibitor is required to respect and ensure that his agents comply with the texts in force on:

  • General Regulations for Events
  • Terms of Reference for Participations
  • Technical Specifications, and return the commitments duly completed and signed
5) Approval of Professional Stand Builders

The Society of International Fairs of Tunis introduces a new provision to ensure that the chosen person has the required training and qualities:

  • For the design, implementation and compliance with technical rules for the assembly and disassembly of exhibition stands
  • To make all the necessary arrangements and comply with the organizational arrangements, the assembly and disassembly deadlines and complete the work within the prescribed deadlines
  • To read the General Regulations for Events, the Specifications for Participations and the Technical Specifications for the Show
  • To comply with safety standards

NB. The chosen Architect / Designer must be approved by the organizer and be registered on the approval list.

6) Stand assembly

The design and construction of the stand architecture remains the responsibility of the exhibitor.

The Technical Commission, provided with the plans submitted by the exhibitors, will be required to verify the compliance of the stands with the validated plans and may refuse any stand that does not comply with the approved project.

The organizer strongly recommends that exhibitors manufacture the construction elements of the stand in their own workshop and not at the exhibition venue.

The opening date of the Halls for the installation of stands is set by the organizer. Exhibitors can access the exhibition halls for the final assembly of their stands

NB. It is reminded that the exhibitor must ensure the security of his material and equipment during the opening hours of the halls.

The stand assembly work must be completed one day before opening for public at 5:00 p.m.

On this date, access by trucks inside Les Halles is strictly prohibited.


Exhibitors are informed that if the deadline for completing the assembly is not respected, they incur progressive late penalties of 250 TD per hour and for the Architect / Designer representative the withdrawal of the approval

7) Signaling and slinging:

The exhibitor is required to hang up the signage before setting up the stand. The hanging must be done inside the stand space and avoid hindering the neighborhood or the visibility of the space.

8) Noise pollution

It is strictly forbidden to cause noise pollution from audio-visual or other equipment.

In the event of non-compliance, the organizer is entitled to take all necessary measures, including the seizure of audio-visual equipment.

9) Official catalog of exhibitors

Admitted exhibitors have the obligation to participate in the Official Exhibitor Catalog through quality advertising in line with their brand image and the reputation of the show.

Last deadline for receipt of the insertion file 7 days before opening for public

5) Elimination criteria
  • According to the nature of the business
  • Non-compliance with the concept of the exhibition and the admission criteria
  • Two successive refusals of the technical file
  • Failure to respect stand assembly and dismantling deadlines
  • Non-compliance with product conformity
  • Non-compliance with safety standards
  • Payment disputes

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